Future-Ready Kids! How to Prep Your Children for Success (not Survival) for a Time When Robots Operate the World


Consider This:

  • Kids (from newborn to 10 years old) will be starting work in 2030s. However, most parents are preparing their children as though they are entering the workforce today.
  • Imagine that by 2030s, a big part of the system will be run autonomously by software and robots. An Oxford University study predicts that 45% of occupations (many of which are white-collar jobs) in USA will be automated in 20 years time.
  • The economy and workforce is going through a historical transformation to a new innovation-driven and information-centric model. This transformation has just begun and is happening at an unprecedented pace. The competencies and abilities in demand in future will be very different from those today.
  • Educational systems, even the most advanced ones, around the world are struggling to keep pace with changes in the economy and technology. The changes in teaching paradigm and pedagogy are not rapid and drastic enough to handle the challenges of the new world.

Do You Know That:

  • It is the mindset of the children that sets them for success in life, not merely skillsets or educational certificates. In a frantic and dynamic world, formal education is necessary but insufficient condition for life success.
  • Mindsets are cultivated at home, while skillsets are developed at school and enrichment centres. Parents themselves need to understand the winning mindsets, so that they can impart them to their children at home.
  • The middle class in almost all developed countries are collapsing and becoming the new poor. Yet, the Internet and Innovation Economy will create explosive trillion dollar opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators.
  • Many of the old grand axioms and habits that has worked well for many generations and passed down from our parents will set our children for failure because we are entering a new economic model. For example, “study well and get a good job”.

Do You Want To Learn About:

  • Future of economy, technology and work in 2030s
  • Essential abilities and skills required in 2030s and beyond
  • Fields of study and industries that will be future-ready
  • Winners and the losers in the new economic model
  • Your role as the 21st century parent and value-add to your children
  • Secret principles of raising your kids to be successful in life and whatever they choose to do (not merely to survive)
  • 9 critical mindset qualities that will set your children apart and position them for lifetime success (none of these are not taught in the schools)
  • Not teaching your kids to fish, but teaching them to “teach themselves how to fish”
  • Develop your kids to their fullest potential and loving what they learn

This Is Not About:

  • Mental development of children
  • How to perform well in academics and exams
  • Stressing children through excessive enrichment classes and tuition


The powerful concepts presented here combines original ideas of the speaker and best-of-class teachings from over 20 experts in future studies, parenting, child development, personal success, education, technology and human resources. It is carefully put together in this format for the first time. It is suitable for parents of all national, financial and educational backgrounds.

Parents and Educators:

Join us only if you want to learn the formula to prepare your children for a lifetime of success and in a world will be highly dynamic and automated.

About The Speaker

Charlie Ang is a futurist, entrepreneur, educator, and parent (of two). Combining his unique expertise in future studies, entrepreneurship, personal development with his strong urge to “success-prep and future-ready” his two kids, he developed the powerful SuccessCraft system of 9 Critical Mindset Qualities (e.g. Internal Locus of Control, Future-Orientation, Creativity, Growth), which is very well received by other parents.

Charlie is the Founding President of The Innovators Institute (t-i-i.co), an innovation school for leaders, executives and technologists and the CEO of FutureCraft (futurecraft.sg), a future-oriented training and consulting firm that prepares enterprises and individuals to prepare for success in a future they do not yet understand. He is a former trade diplomat and had rewarding corporate stints as Chief Innovation Officer of First Media Group and regional VP of one of the largest environmental companies in Asia.

He received his MBA from the NUS Business School and BSc (First Class) Honours in Computer Science from University of Manchester, UK. Charlie completed futures and innovation executive programmes at Singularity University in Silicon Valley, Oxford University’s Said Business School and Stanford University.

He writes regularly on strategic futures and innovation and has been published in the local media, including The Business Times, Singapore Business Review and The Straits Times.

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